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Body Procedures to Sculpt the Body You Want

Feeling attractive and comfortable in your skin plays a huge role in the confidence and poise you project as you make your way through the world. Even when you are maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits, there may still be aspects of your appearance that you would like to alter. Our Newport Beach plastic surgeon team can help.

Often, the patients we help are at a healthy, stable weight, but simply have stubborn pockets of fat or would like to see other changes that are not possible through diet or exercise including sometimes changing breast proportions as an example. Our team at Wirth Plastic Surgery is prepared to help you take those last few steps to getting the contoured figure you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Whether you are looking for fuller breasts, a rounder “rear end”, a slimmer waist, or a combination of changes, our Newport Beach plastic surgeon can provide you with the care you need. We are also proud to be home to the 24-hour breast augmentation recovery program, which provides patients with the beautiful, natural results they want while minimizing post-operative discomfort and accelerating the healing process.

Call our office at (949) 558-2133 for a confidential consultation and learn more about if vaginal rejuvenation may be right for you.

Revealing the Best Version of You

Our first and only goal is to help you realize your vision for your aesthetic and enhance your natural appearance. To do this, our Board Certified plastic surgeon takes the time to sit down with you and understand what it is you are hoping to achieve and provide realistic expectations as to the outcome. From there, he will build a custom treatment plan to take your confidence to the next level.

We are proud to provide a comprehensive range of procedures that help put the finishing touches on all your hard work. These procedures include:

Because You’re Wirth it

When you choose Wirth Plastic Surgery, you are choosing a Newport Beach plastic surgeon with years of experience. Dr. Wirth is Board Certified and boasts not only vast technical skill but a deeply ingrained sense of aesthetic, symmetry, harmony and balance. Learn from some patients who have developed relationships with us already by reading their Testimonials.

If you are interested in learning more about our vaginal rejuvenation procedure in Newport Beach, call us at (949) 558-2133.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

We understand it is lonely having to be away from your friends and precious loved ones out of precaution for their health. You are dealing with the disappointment of important celebrations, vacations, social gatherings, sporting events and possibly even summer plans at this time being affected...

All of us here at Wirth Plastic Surgery acknowledge how tough it is to navigate this uncharted territory, as we are trying to figure it out ourselves too. But we can stay strong by working together to stay healthy; by washing our hands frequently, cleaning surfaces as often as possible, and following the stay at home order.

In times of uncertainty, know that we always have your back! The safety of our patients and team members is our #1 priority, and every action we take will be with this considering in mind.

To quote the honorable Marie Currie, "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less." Stay informed.

We will overcome this...If you have any questions or urgent matters, please give our office a call at 949-706-9988. Our staff are available to help in every way possible during this time with the shelter regulations in place. We are also offering Virtual Consultations with Dr. Wirth to help with follow-ups and future appointments or procedures.

We look forward to seeing you back in the office again soon!

Wishing you, your families and loved ones health and strength,
- Dr. Wirth, Melisa, Sheryl, Annie, Krista & Lauren

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