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The Opportunity to Reduce Your Nipple Projection

Some women may be self-conscious about the size and projection of their nipples. When a person is struggling with nipple projection, certain types of clothes, bathing suits, and other garments can make a person uncomfortable. These issues can come about for a number of reasons, most commonly breastfeeding and pregnancy, but our Board Certified plastic surgeon in Orange County can help you. We have years of experience in providing our patients with nipple reduction in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas.

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Who is a Candidate for Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Nipple reduction surgery is offered for women who desire decreased nipple projection and/or volume. While the most common procedure is to simply address the nipple projection, occasionally overall nipple volume will need to be addressed at the same time. During your consultation with Dr. Wirth, he will be able to determine if nipple reduction is a reasonable procedure for you and specifically design the procedure to achieve your goals.

You may be a good candidate for brow lift surgery if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are concerned that you have too much nipple volume
  • You have gained too much volume and/or projection over the years especially after breastfeeding and/or pregnancy.
  • Your nipple projection has been a source of concern or anxiety for you

How Does Nipple Reduction Surgery Work?

Our Newport Beach nipple reduction surgery is a straightforward outpatient procedure that can be done in the office or in the operating room in approximately 30-60 minutes. As part of your preparation for the procedure, topical anesthesia will generally be utilized first. The skin will then be cleaned and prepared and local anesthesia will be administered through a very small needle. Once complete anesthesia has been confirmed, we will proceed with the nipple reduction procedures outlined in your consultation. When the procedure focuses entirely on nipple projection, sutures may not be necessary. Instead, we will use antibiotic ointment and protective dressings, and the tissue will heal over the next several days. Patients seeking volume reduction as well can expect a slightly longer recovery time, with sutures that may be removed 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

What Happens After Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Immediately following surgery, you may experience some numbness or discomfort in your nipples for the first several hours. This discomfort is generally mild and often just treated with over the counter pain medications. Dr. Wirth will often utilize a short course of antibiotics, but frequently an antibiotic ointment is the main topical therapy. You may notice some bruising in the area for the first week after surgery, but this will resolve. For pure nipple projection reduction procedures, the surgery site will heal over during the first week in you may experience a slight amount of fluid on the dressings that are changed daily and as needed. While you can return to work the following day, strenuous activities are discouraged for the first 3 weeks, and protection from any trauma or injury to the area is important. There will be no restrictions to activities by the approximately the third week after surgery. Dr. Wirth will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions following this simple outpatient procedure.

Wirth Plastic Surgery Can Help You

If you’re ready to learn more about nipple reduction surgery in Newport Beach, we can help. Our Board Certified in plastic surgeon serves patients throughout the Orange County area.

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