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Functional Medicine Overview

By viewing your body as an integrated system, functional medicine discovers the underlying causes of chronic medical conditions, while conventional medicine focuses on suppressing the symptoms. Functional medicine addresses you as a whole, not an isolated set of systems and symptoms.

Functional medicine is a holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare that is collaborative and considers environmental and lifestyle factors when determining the best course of action.

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Skin Health

Conventional medicine excels at categorizing symptoms, determining a diagnosis, and treating ailments with medication or surgery. When a situation is life-threatening, this approach is ideal and very much needed. When it comes to skin health, however, patients can benefit from a more holistic philosophy that takes into consideration all aspects of their lives, not just the presenting symptoms of blemishes, redness, acne, or poor skin texture. Functional medicine gets to the root causes of skin imperfections, delving into diet, sleep, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, stress, and other factors that might be relevant. 

Gut Health

Functional medicine centers around a holistic approach to treat the whole system, not just the superficial symptoms of illness and poor health. It takes into consideration all aspects of the patient’s medical history, genetics, lifestyle, and personal goals to deliver an optimized treatment plan for total wellness.

Functional medicine looks at the gut microbiome to identify potential sources contributing to poor health.  Many patients have underlying conditions such as inflammation, food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, insulin resistance, joint pain or inflammation, memory loss, even obesity that can be improved with proper restoration of the gut microbiome.  


Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to treat multiple symptoms simultaneously, so the patient can enjoy an enhanced quality of life and peace of mind. If you are experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal-related concerns, including cognitive decline, functional medicine is an excellent way to streamline your treatment.

Balancing Mind and Body

At Wirth Medspa, once we’ve identified the symptoms affecting your daily well-being, we address the root cause with:

  • Dietary adjustments
  • Allergen removal or avoidance
  • Improving gut health
  • Increased nutrient intake
  • Balancing hormones
  • Supporting detoxification
  • Enhancing metabolism
  • Understanding genetic factors
  • Encouraging healthy mind-body balance
  • Addressing subtle infections

We know there’s a natural and complex link between a person’s mental and physical health, so ensuring your mind is in good shape is key to keeping your body healthy. Whatever stress or mental burden you are experiencing, our team of functional medicine specialists can help.

Wirth Functional Medicine Treatments

Functional medicine’s holistic approach means our care extends beyond your essential health to your appearance and lifestyle. Treating multiple systems gives you an enhanced quality of life and peace of mind.

We offer a range of cutting-edge technologies and anti-aging solutions that restore your self-confidence and boost your self-image. Functional medicine is an excellent way to streamline your treatment if you are experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal-related concerns, including cognitive decline.

A functional medicine treatment plan considers:

  • Your health history
  • Lab results
  • Diagnostic imaging results
  • Your description of your ailments

Solutions may include:

  • Dietary changes
  • New exercise regimens
  • Supplements and herbs
  • Cosmetic treatments


PA & Functional Medicine Provider

Leslie Davis is a Physician Assistant with 19 years of hospitalist experience. She is not only an expert in treating disease, but she now also specializes in health and wellness techniques for disease prevention. She graduated from the Wake Forest University PA program in 2003 before relocating to Southern California. She has a Doctorate of Medical Sciences Degree from the University of Lynchburg where she completed her Doctoral Project on Weight Loss. Additionally, she is a graduate of the AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine into Clinical Practice) program from IFM (The Institute of Functional Medicine) where she honed tools to help combat inflammation, a main contributor to aging.

She utilizes these strategies to optimize gut health, prevent cognitive decline, enhance longevity, and to heal and optimize skin health from the inside out. In addition to functional medicine, she also offers injectables, Exilis for skin tightening and fat melting, and EMSella for urinary incontinence. Leslie views health and wellness as a journey, rather than a destination. She looks forward to joining your healing journey, allowing you to shine on the outside to look as good as you feel.⁠

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