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Many individuals struggle with unsightly varicose veins on their legs and feet. For most, varicose veins are simply a cosmetic annoyance, however, if left untreated, these deformed veins can cause significant discomfort. Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Garrett A. Wirth specializes in Newport Beach spider vein treatment. We routinely perform sclerotherapy, a highly effective, minimally invasive procedure on patients who wish to reduce varicose veins.

Who is a Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

You may be a potential candidate if you meet some of the following criteria:

  • You have spider veins that are small and irregular
  • You have varicose or spider veins that bulge or cause you discomfort
  • You do not have a history of thrombophlebitis (blood clots)
  • You are in good overall physical and emotional health

Sclerotherapy can be safely performed on all skin types. During your consultation with Dr. Wirth, he will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Be prepared to discuss your medical history and cosmetic goals in depth during your appointment.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy is a technique that can significantly improve the appearance and symptoms of varicose veins. The procedure works by injecting a solution into your varicose or spider veins with a small needle. The solution then causes significant irritation to the treated vein, resulting in the destruction of the inner lining. The vein is then no longer able to carry blood and is replaced with scar tissue, which reduces both vein discoloration and bulging.

Sclerotherapy is a quick outpatient procedure, often completed in less than one hour. Local or general anesthesia is not necessary for treatment because there is not a significant amount of discomfort. The number of veins treated during your session will depend on the size and location of your veins, as well as your overall health. You may experience mild pain or cramping after Dr. Wirth has begun administering injections, especially when larger veins are treated.

What Happens After Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Dr. Wirth will provide you with personalized after care instructions following your Newport Beach spider vein treatment. You may be required to wear compression bandages for up to 14 days to help reduce swelling. It is likely that swelling and bruising will be visible for several days. Very mild exercise is recommended for most patients in order to increase blood circulation following sclerotherapy but exercise at a moderate or higher level are discouraged. The final results of your treatment should be visible within 2-4 weeks once scar tissue has begun to fade.

More than one session of sclerotherapy is typically needed to achieve optimal results. The number of treatments required varies greatly among patients. In most cases you should anticipate an average of 3-4 treatments. Back to back treatments can be performed in 4-6 week intervals. After you have completed the initial series of recommended treatments, there is the chance that you will develop new varicose veins. Dr. Wirth may recommend yearly touch-ups to maintain results.

If you have varicose veins and you’re interested in sclerotherapy, consider contacting the office of Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Garrett A. Wirth. Set up a consultation today by calling our staff at (949) 558-2133.

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