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Wirth Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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“I am SO happy with my results”

Dr. Wirth is an incredible plastic surgeon! I am SO happy with my results, he did a beautiful job! Dr. Wirth is highly skilled, personable, and attentive to detail. He provides individualized care so that you have a smooth experience and an amazing outcome. His staff is very helpful and kind. I am so glad I chose Dr. Wirth, he is definitely #WirthIt!


“They treat you as family”

I want to start off by saying that the staff at Wirth Plastic Surgery are the nicest ladies, they are very welcoming have always been friendly and caring and treat you as family. Dr Wirth is an amazing Plastic Surgeon. I was referred to him by my breast cancer surgeon for reconstruction. I was getting a lumpectomy for my cancer diagnosis. My first visit with Dr Wirth I found him to be very caring, very personable had a sense of hummer and was interested in how I felt about my body we had a great talk. Dr Wirth told me he wanted to see and told me to put on a gown and he would be right back. After taking a look Dr Wirth told me what he could do to make my breast look great and also said he could help me with my left breast. Twelve year's ago I had breast cancer in the left breast and had to do radiation which shrunk the breast and I was in a lot of pain because the last plastic surgeon was not able to do much with the breast. Dr Wirth told me he could fix both breast's to match. Dr Wirth uses new technology and has amazing skills. Dr Wirth did liposuction on my belly fat and used that to fill in my breast's so they would match. I had no pain after surgery, it's been 6 weeks and still no pain, my breast's look amazing and I have healed quickly. I am 67 years old and I have my self confidence back. I would highly recommend Dr Wirth to anyone who wants the best Plastic surgeon they could have. Thank you Dr Wirth you are amazing!!!


“I am delighted with the result”

Dr​.​ Wirth is very considerate about what is needed and suitable for patients. I had breast implants and liposuction at Wirth Plastic Surgery in Jun 2022. Dr. Wirth always ensures everything goes right, so he personally calls back to the patient a day after surgery. Also, whenever I feel uncomfortable about my surgery, he will often be there to explain everything I'm concerned about in the process of healing.

Additionally, the staff is amicable and knowledgeable; They can give you so much information about what to do after surgery. Overall, only a few weeks now, but my breasts look lovely, and liposuction is healing well; I am delighted with the result.


“Best plastic surgeon in OC”

I am so happy and very excited with my new body this is a huge life transformation. Dr Wirth is a true genius who has truly honed the art of plastic surgery tailored to his patients.

My concerns 1) Scar location and will it turn keloid. 2) Will my tummy be really flat even tho I had lots of fat there. 3) Will I get an hour glass shape 4) How long will I depend on others...down time. As you can see in the picture [on Yelp] my tummy is incredibly flat and definitely got the hour glass. Downtime 21 days. However still following all my doctors instructions for best outcome. My scar are hidden and healing very well.

I did my research and found the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON IN OC. I will post more pics pre-op and stitches/scar. Oh one last thing post-op day 1 no bruises zero none nada do I need to say more....If you work in the medical field like I do you know that is huge.


“Extremely happy”

10/10! Dr. and staff were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Their work is amazing and I’m extremely happy with the services, will be back!


“My results are more than I could have dreamed of”

After researching and contacting a number of different plastic surgeons in the southern California area, I finally found Dr. Wirth. Jeri, his office manager, was the first person I spoke with and in our first hour+ long conversation, she assured me of his skill, impressive background, and mastery in his field. From there things only got easier, meeting Dr. Wirth is a wonderful experience in and of itself. He is incredibly kind and empathetic but with a depth of knowledge and an obsession with precision that calms any nerves about going into surgery. Post surgery, my results are more than I could have dreamed. I feel like Dr. Wirth knew exactly what I envisioned before I could truly picture it for myself. His surgery staff is incredible, they work in perfect synchronicity to Dr. Wirth in the surgery suite.

Throughout this entire process, from the first office call to my post-operative rechecks, I have never felt unsure or alone. There is always someone knowledgeable and aware of my case that I can talk to. Many businesses say they will treat you like family but Dr. Wirth and his team are the first to truly encapsulate that saying for me. In an ideal world, family is there to give you support, confidence, trust, communication, and the best advice; this is exactly what I have found in my Wirth Plastic Surgery family. I am endlessly grateful for them.


“He is the Surgeon of Newport Beach”

My overall experience & expectations was an A+. Dr. Wirth did an outstanding job he is the Surgeon of Newport Beach such a genuine doctor. That his honest work speaks for itself & I appreciate the team that stands beside him, Thank you Dr. Wirth!


“Love my perfect new look”

Great doctor and staff. Had reduction and lift. 4 days later feeling good, just taking Aleve. Had some liposuction and left with bruising but I bruise very easy. Love my perfect new look!!! Dr. Wirth has a great personality and definitely knows what he’s doing. Highly recommend him!!!!!!


“Amazing doctor and staff”

Dr. Wirth, including his staff, were very professional. Made me feel confident and relaxed at my consultation as well as my surgery day. I Would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.


“If I could give them 10 starts I would!”

Dr. Wirth and his team are beyond exceptional. His care before surgery made it so that I had no pain following the procedure with healing at an optimal pace and the end result gorgeous. His bedside manner and unparalleled knowledge is hard to match. If I could give them 10 stars I would!


“Dr. Wirth is clearly a premier doctor”

Dr. Wirth and his staff have provided me with the best experience possible! Everyone there is friendly, welcoming, and outgoing which made me feel very comfortable and trusting. Dr. Wirth is a very knowledgeable and capable medical professional that knows what is best for his patients and will go out of his way to ensure the best results possible. I was personally amazed by how passionate Dr. Wirth is and how much he really cared about me. He was just as excited as I was about how well the treatment went! Dr. Wirth is clearly a premier doctor and the best doctor I have ever met. I truly appreciate Dr. Wirth and I highly recommend him to anyone!


“A Star Surgeon.”

Dr. Wirth is a world-class surgeon with incredible skill, talent and knowledge. Behind this kind and humble persona is a man with tremendous academic accolades and surgical skills second to none.

I have operated with Dr. Wirth as a brain surgeon. He performed the most complex plastic surgery procedures on a young gunshot wound victim to give her her life back. I personally witnessed his skills firsthand performing a free flap with microanastomosis. I have also been lucky enough to have him operate on my young daughter with a severe facial laceration. Thanks to his meticulous technique, there is no scar visible.

This is a personable highly skilled meticulous surgeon who brings tremendous talent to all of his patients. He has my highest recommendation.

“I've had four wonderful, successful experiences with Dr. Wirth.”

Not only is Dr. Wirth a great plastic surgeon but a great humanitarian. He makes you feel as if you are the only patient, is kind and sensitive to your needs, concerns and feelings. The good doctor stands by you throughout any procedures that you are considering, informing you what needs to be done and how. You will feel completely grateful that you've met such a remarkable individual.

I've had four wonderful, successful experiences with Dr. Wirth and consider him a friend. Don't hesitate!


“Best Plastic Surgeon Ever!”

I was referred to Dr Wirth by my primary surgeon as I required a plastic surgeon to reconstruct my abdomen wall due to a very large hernia rip. I was originally referred to a different plastic surgeon but I did not like the first plastic surgeon one due to his arrogant and non-caring attitude towards me.

From the first time I met Dr Wirth to this very moment, I knew he was a different type of plastic surgeon. He not only provides all of the services we as humans are interested in to improve our aging process or overall physical appearance; he is also the person that you want helping you with a necessary surgery for medical health and well-being reasons that require the skills of a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Wirth is compassionate and cares about you as a person; while I am certain he enjoys making money, he is absolutely more concerned with your well-being and how he can help you. He is honest and forthright with his medical opinion and will make sure you are comfortable and truly understand all options.

This man has helped me where others either could not or did not want to take on my case. I thank God for bringing him into my life. There is no doubt in my mind that if any other plastic surgeon performed this surgery; the outcome would have been much different. Due to the amount of abdomen reconstruction required, I basically had to have a tummy tuck by default. While I did lose 30lbs before surgery, I still looked like I was 9 months pregnant due to the distention of my stomach from the severity of the ripped muscle tissue. Ladies, the tummy tuck piece was absolutely amazing, I have a flat tummy and curves again! I feel like Dr. Wirth really went above and beyond to not only help me medically but also did some amazing things to help me to be more physically appealing. He took all of the necessary steps to ensure my recovery would be successful and as easy as possible.

I highly recommend Dr. Wirth for any procedure that requires the skills of a plastic surgeon that has the compassion of someone that sees you as a person and cares about your overall well-being. He is extremely knowledgeable with fierce plastic surgeon skills and that is evident in your first conversation with him.

I am looking forward to going back to Dr. Wirth in 2019 to get that pesky eyelid sagginess removed which he says he loves doing!! I have a feeling that none of my friends will notice when I have this done as Dr. Wirth will do his magic and my eyes will look very normal and natural.


“Amazing Team”

As a male suffering with severe gynecomastia, I have been looking for a qualified surgeon to help me resolve the issue. I overheard some friends talking about their experience with Dr. Wirth's office, and I decided to call. I was very hesitant, but talking with the staff that answered the phone really gave me a sense of confidence that Dr. Wirth can handle my case. I was nervous, but the staff was able to answer some preliminary questions that I had, and really put me at ease. I believe that I have found my doctor. I will be making an appointment shortly and can't wait to move forward.


“Could Not Be Happier”

I highly recommend Dr. Wirth!! I had such a wonderful experience and absolutely love my breasts!! He is very meticulous, professional and thoroughly explained what he was going to do along with what I should expect. His staff is also very sweet and welcoming. It was so important to me and my husband that my breasts looked natural and not too big for my size. Dr. Wirth listened and achieved exactly what I wanted. I could not be happier with the whole experience! Thank you Dr. Wirth!!!


“The MVP's of OC!!”

Great Med Spa. When you go to this office you are treated like a star!! Dr. Wirth and his staff take the utmost care of you. If you have questions they take the time to answer them and not try to get you in and out as if you don’t matter. Dr. Wirth has great bedside manner if you are an outpatient or an overnight patient. He always takes the time to follow up with his patients in person and by phone. I have never gone to a Doctor who gives his patients the time they deserve! Thank you Dr. Wirth and staff. You all are the MVP’ S of OC!!


“I'm so happy & impressed with the results!”

I absolutely love everything about my visits Dr.Wirth. I have seen him three times now and every time I am more impressed. His waiting room is very fun and modern and I feel so comfortable and relaxed waiting for my services. His staff are so friendly and professional. Dr. Wirth assesses my aesthetic needs much like an artist studies a canvas. He only suggests what I need and doesn’t try to oversell. He created a plan for me to get ready for my wedding and I’m so happy and impressed with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Wirth and his staff for your plastic surgery needs.


“I am extremely delighted with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Wirth”

When I reached sixty-five I realized my jowls and neck were heading south. My sister recommended I consult with Dr. Wirth. I did and was impressed with his honesty and professionalism. He did not promise he could erase twenty to thirty years away or that I would look like I walked through a wind tunnel. I decided to have the procedure and was so excited with the results. Number one, the recovery time was quick and I was out and about after three days. Secondly, my friends didn’t ask what I had done but thought I looked so relaxed! I am extremely delighted with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Wirth.

"His staff is amazing and just as lovely and caring as him"

This is the greatest doctor ever! Not only did he save my life, but he has made my body absolutely perfect after a horrendous botched job from someone else. Dr Wirth is compassionate, caring, highly skillful and dedicated, he treats his patients with kindness and respect and is always there for them, no matter how much they pester him about little insignificant things. His staff is amazing and just as lovely and caring as him - I couldnt and wouldn't ask for more in any type of doctor, he's definitely one of a kind and the best at what he does - he is definitely "WIRTH" it #wirthit


"My skin felt so soft and light"

I had my first diamond glow treatment with Annie last week. It was my first time getting a facial treatment done in a while and she explained everything to me in detail. Not to mention that her room was so comfortable! In general, the office was beautiful and the staff were so friendly and accommodating. Annie customized my diamond glow treatment to fit my acne prone skin. I've struggled with acne for years so I was hesitant to try something new. THANKFULLY, my skin loved this treatment! My skin felt so soft and light afterwards. I definitely looked brighter after having all the dead skin removed. So far, no new breakouts and no new skin concerns have happened a week after. Can't wait to have my next diamond glow with Annie!


“The best results”

Dr. Wirth is really a Master of Art! He takes the time to connect with his patients and understand their concerns to deliver the best results.


“I am forever grateful.”

Dr. Wirth is one amazing doctor.  His commitment to excellence along with his compassionate heart makes him stand out from the rest.  I am forever grateful to him for the amazing job he has done on my breast reconstruction after cancer.


“The outcome has been amazing for me.”

Due to unusually aggressive squamous cell carcinoma, I received radiation treatment on my left leg that left a 6 cm diameter wound with bone exposed. After multiple surgeries and hyperbaric treatment, the wound still would not heal. Only Dr. Wirth was willing to perform this complicated free flap surgery to save my leg. The surgery was successful. The outcome has been amazing for me.


"It sure was 'WIRTH' it!!!!!!!!”

Dr. Wirth and his team did an exceptional job. Having Dr. Wirth perform breast augmentation surgery on me was the best decision I could have made. I did a lot of research prior to getting this procedure done. Many times, I assumed it was not for me due to fear of complications and the healing process. I cannot stress enough Dr. Wirth's 24-hour Recovery after surgery. I was up and moving the same day and continued my everyday errands. Following his instructions from start to finish helped me recover sooner. It is NOT false advertisement.

It is fact that this does work if you do your part as-well.  I am very pleased with the results and my current scarring.  Everyone in the office makes you feel welcome and is truly there for your best interest. From the first day I came in I felt comfortable and safe knowing they never tried to steer me from making quick decisions, but actually encourage me to ask as many questions that I could possibly have. Dr. Wirth answered all my questions in great detail. I think his sense of humor also makes you feel more at home. I want to thank the entire office, Jerri, Kat and Dr. Wirth for the positive outcome to my surgery and the confidence that I feel every time I walk outside my door. Dr. Wirth and his beautiful staff have full integrity and are very regal in what they do. THANK YOU! It sure was "WIRTH" it!!!!!!!!


“Dr. Wirth's confidence and demeanor immediately changed my worry into confidence and hope”

Dr. Wirth is a highly skilled professional, yet there is so much more that I appreciate about him besides his tremendous knowledge and experience.  From the very first visit, you feel that you have a strong advocate that really cares about you.

Another doctor had botched my surgery and I had dangerous abscesses yet no one could fit me in.  Dr. Wirth, after a full day of surgery and patients agreed to come back to his office AFTER HOURS to help me.  This alone was like a miracle in this day and age.

Being traumatized by the first surgery, I was skeptical and fearful but Dr. Wirth's confidence and demeanor immediately changed my worry into confidence and hope.  There is a collaborative side to Dr. Wirth that takes your input seriously, he really listens, you actually feel like you are a viable partner in your recovery. His wonderful sense of humor helped greatly in turning a dreaded weekly medical ordeal into a better experience, and I was thankful for that.


“So glad I decided to get my breast augmentation with Dr. Garrett Wirth”

I'm so glad I decided to get my breast augmentation with Dr. Garrett Wirth! He made me feel so safe and that was the main importance I vocalized that I needed to feel. I saw his previous works, he answered all my questions, he showed me that he is a professional who loves his job and is good at it more importantly. Thank you Dr. Garrett! #You'reWirthIt


“Best in Newport Beach!”

Dr. Wirth is an amazing surgeon--best in Newport Beach! I got my breast augmentation done with him and his team. From the initial consultation to the surgery and post-surgery care, he is truly knowledgeable, patient, and precise with his work. Never having any previous surgeries, I was nervous about being put under anesthesia. He calmed my nerves and works with an excellent anesthesiologist, who is very professional and experienced. I would highly recommend Dr. Wirth for your cosmetic surgeries!


“I can't thank Dr. Wirth enough”

Dr. Wirth and his team of professionals are attentive and caring, offer a wide range of services. I can't thank Dr. Wirth enough for taking my case through a very difficult time and helping me through my recovery. I only have praise for this team of professionals.


“You are in great hands with him”

Living in Orange County we have access to everything...including a large pool of plastic surgeons. I have to say, that not all doctors or staff are created equal.  Dr. Wirth is the most thorough, precise, and meticulous doctor that I have had the pleasure to work with. He took ample time in consultations and pre-op to hone in on exactly what I wanted to achieve and the goals set before him. He comes with a warm and friendly demeanor, professional and a perfect bed side manner. His team from front desk, office manager, nurses, anesthesiologist, OR and post-op care has been nothing short of amazing. If I could give more then 5 stars, I would. With deepest gratitude I would like to thank you Dr. Wirth and your incredible staff. You made this whole experience beyond perfect. For those who are looking and searching...I did the homework. You are in great hands with him.  #WIRTHIT


“Perfection. Meticulous. Best Bedside Manner.”

It's hard to find a doctor who not only cares and makes you feel like you are his only patient, but will have the precision and skill of Dr. Wirth. My experience with him and the end result deserves 10+ stars and many more. If you have the chance to choose, choose Dr. Wirth.


“I can't wait to get started.”

I only went in for a consultation, but the warmth, kindness and authentic care that was presented made me want to continue on this journey with Dr. Wirth. I can't wait to get started.


“This is the place to go!”

I cannot recommend Dr. Wirth and his team more. From the moment I walked into the office I felt welcome and taken care of. The entire staff, including Lexi, are so professional and thorough. I called a few times before my surgery to confirm a few issues mostly out of nervousness- the staff was lovely and went out of their way to answer my questions and follow up with me. Dr. Wirth was recommended by a surgeon my mom works with at UCI Medical center who said he is the best. My Mom is a nurse in recovery and is VERY picky about who she and her family sees for medical treatments and she was very impressed with this team as well. My results are already looking great just one week out- I can't wait to see the end result. If you need any procedure done- this is the place to go!!!!


“Dr. Wirth is so WORTH IT!!!!”

Don't give it a second thought about having Dr. Wirth take care of your needs. He is professional, knowledgeable, and will answer any and all of your questions and concerns. The staff is wonderful and always makes you feel welcome. Don't look any further, you have found a real gem with Dr. Wirth!


“Dr. Wirth has literally changed my life”

Dr. Wirth has literally changed my life. He gave me back my hope. I had an 8 hour reconstruction breast augmentation that he was able to repair and rebuild for an amazing result. My successful outcome was as important to him as it was for me. Dr. Wirth and his team were amazing throughout the aftercare.

Thank you. Dr. Wirth and his team rock!!!

Martha H.

“I feel so good about myself with no cancer!”

I am a breast cancer reconstruction patient & after 2 years after the mastectomy, I am still feeling & looking wonderful! Dr. Wirth put me all back together better than before the cancer! I feel so good about myself with no cancer & I adore him LaVonne, Jennifer & UC Irvine more than you can imagine. I recommend UCI to anyone & everyone I come in contact with who needs it. Both for cancer & for just plastic surgery because if he can remake me after a double mastectomy as well as he did, can you imagine what he could do with a normal person. I love UCI totally! Thank you guys for everything.

Dr. Wirth is the most caring and compassionate physician I have ever received care from in all of my adult life.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Wirth. You are my hero.”

Dr. Garret A. Wirth is my hero. I met him two years ago and he saved both of my legs wherein other doctors were letting me choose which one to save between my legs or my kidney. Dr. Wirth made me feel very comfortable and he had a very good bedside manner. His compassion made me feel assured. This motivatedd me to get back on my feet as soon as possible. It is rare to find a physician that willingly listens to a patient’s needs and truly cares. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Wirth. You are my hero.

Chona B.

“Thank you Doctor Wirth for making me feel as though I’m on top of the world.”

After having back to back pregnancies my body had gone through a lot of drastic changes, after losing some weight I had excess skin and was not happy with my appearance I decided it was time for a mommy makeover.

I had researched several plastic surgeons when I was told about Doctor Wirth I decided to make an appointment for a consultation, I was pleased that Doctor Wirth answered all of my questions was very informative and took his time to make sure I was comfortable with the procedures I was about to go through. I am VERY happy with my results the only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you Doctor Wirth for making me feel as though I’m on top of the world.


“The outcome has been amazing for me.”

Due to unusually aggressive squamous cell carcinoma, I received radiation treatment on my left leg that left a 6 cm diameter wound with bone exposed. After multiple surgeries and hyperbaric treatment, the wound still would not heal. Only Dr. Wirth was willing to perform this complicated free flap surgery to save my leg. The surgery was successful. The outcome has been amazing for me.


“Dr. Wirth exceeded my expectations and just as he promised, the results are “spectacular”!”

I highly recommend Dr. Garrett Wirth. He is a remarkable plastic surgeon and probably the best-kept secret in the OC.

I recently had a “mommy makeover” performed by Dr. Wirth and his partner, Dr. Paydar. After having two 9lb+ babies via two C-sections, my body needed a bit of a tune-up.

Dr. Wirth exceeded my expectations and just as he promised, the results are “spectacular”!

As a savvy businesswoman, I did my research and selected an amazing plastic surgeon that always brings his “A” game. For those of you still searching, here are some reasons why I believe you should choose Dr. Wirth as your plastic surgeon.

Finally, Dr. Wirth obviously loves his job-he always help you realize that the few weeks of post-op pain are completely worth the gain.

p.s. Your husband or significant other will also be thrilled with Dr. Wirth’s work.


“Freshened Up My Look”

Wanted to freshen up my look with botox and filler. The waiting area was welcoming and the staff really sincere and friendly. Dr. Wirth is a true professional and helped me to achieve a natural look to help me look rested and youthful. I'm just hitting 45 years old and pushing myself to do self care and preventative solutions.


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