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While most women are highly satisfied with their breast augmentation results, a few patients will experience complications after surgery such as capsular contracture, a condition in which the scar tissue surrounding the implants hardens and causes discomfort as well as cosmetic distortion. 

Dr. Wirth performs strategic capsulectomy surgery to combat these concerns and many more. He is a trusted, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who uses skill, artistry, and precision to deliver outstanding breast implant removal results.

What is a capsulectomy?

A capsulectomy is typically performed to address capsular contracture, a complication that can occur with the placement of breast implants during breast augmentation, or when illness, infection, or cancer is present. With capsular contracture, the scar tissue around the implants begins to contract and harden, creating both aesthetic and functional problems. A capsulectomy is performed to remove both the implants and their surrounding capsules, restoring the patient’s health, comfort, peace of mind, and well-being.

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    What are the different types of procedures performed by Dr. Wirth?

    Total capsulectomy

    During this approach, Dr. Wirth will first remove the implants and then excise the capsule in its entirety. The incision created may be longer than the one used to perform breast augmentation, but thanks to Dr. Wirth’s skill and expertise, scarring will be well-concealed and will fade well with time.

    Partial capsulectomy

    Partial capsulectomy differs from total capsulectomy in that Dr. Wirth will remove only a portion of the capsule, leaving behind the remaining material to be reabsorbed into the body. This is the least invasive method of implant pocket removal.

    En bloc capsulectomy

    This approach is often required when the patient is suffering from BII (Breast Implant Illness) or BIA-ALCL (breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.) Here, the capsule and the implant are removed as a single unit rather than individually. The surgery requires the painstaking eye for detail of an experienced breast surgeon such as Dr. Wirth.

    What are the benefits of a capsulectomy?

    • Improves comfort
    • Alleviates symptoms of capsular contracture
    • Helps heal the body after implant complications
    • Removes hardened scar tissue
    • Facilitates the possibility of implant replacement
    • Corrects the overall appearance of the chest
    • Enhances self-confidence and peace of mind
    • Restores quality of life

    Who is an ideal candidate for the procedure?

    Capsular contracture is a complication that ranges from mild to severe. It is assessed on four levels according to the Baker Grade. The higher the grade of capsular contracture, the more likely it is that the patient will require capsulectomy. However, some patients will not need the procedure if their symptoms are minor. Dr. Wirth will meet with you for a private consultation and will delve into your candidacy at that time. He will review your medical history, listen to your concerns, and perform an in-depth physical evaluation in order to create the best treatment plan possible.

    What can I expect from the procedure?

    Capsulectomy is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation according to the treatment plan discussed with Dr. Wirth during your private consultation. In either case, you will feel no pain and you will not remember the procedure. The surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours.

    Dr. Wirth will create an incision along the breast crease, performing total, partial, or en bloc capsulectomy. New implants can be placed at this time if desired. Dr. Wirth may also incorporate acellular dermal matrix, a mesh-like material that fortifies the inner chest structures and helps to prevent capsular contracture from recurring. The doctor will then suture the incisions and place the patient into the recovery area for monitoring.

    What will my recovery entail?

    After capsulectomy, most patients will need to set aside about 4-6 weeks for their healing process. The type of capsulectomy (total, partial, en bloc) undergone will affect your downtime, as will whether you received new implants or not.

    As with any surgery, you may experience some swelling, redness, temporary numbness, and soreness after your treatment. Dr. Wirth will ensure your recuperation is as stress-free and seamless as possible by providing you with prescription pain medications, a support bra, and a detailed aftercare plan that goes over sleeping, bathing, driving, resuming exercise, and returning to work.

    Why choose Dr. Wirth?

    Dr. Wirth is a board-certified authority in the complex field of breast surgery and delivers outstanding, personalized results with consummate artistry. Dr. Wirth obtained a Master’s Degree in Physiology and Cell Biology before completing his Doctor of Medicine degree at Albany Medical College. He then pursued a demanding residency in general surgery and went on to train in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of California – Irvine Medical Center. Through frequent academic contributions and as a Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Institute at the University of California-Irvine Medical Center, he educates the next generation of surgeons in his innovative, cutting-edge techniques.

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