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Why Choose A Neck Lift Over A Facelift?

This is why a neck lift in Newport Beach by Dr. Wirth is designed to reduce the appearance of loose or sagging skin in the neck region, walking back the most visible signs of aging and restoring your contoured, elegant neckline.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck and helps it match better with the firmer, more youthful-looking face. A neck lift removes excess skin and fat from the neck to tighten and smooth, greatly reducing wrinkling and creasing in this area, and providing a firmer, slimmer neck contour.

Neck lift candidates

If you would like to address fat deposits or wrinkles and lines on your neck, you may be a candidate for a neck lift in Newport Beach. Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Generally healthy
  • Nonsmokers
  • Realistic expectations about what this surgery can do

Would like to address one or all of the following concerns:

  • Drooping skin on the neck
  • Double chin
  • Loose skin or jowls on the jawline
  • Bands around the neck

What happens during the procedure?

The first step of a neck lift is an in-depth consultation with Dr. Wirth. He will talk about your medical history, general health, and skin condition. Dr. Wirth will examine your neck and discuss the details of the procedure with you, including complimentary procedures or non-surgical procedures that may help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Once you are ready to begin the surgery, you will be put under general anesthesia by an expert anesthesiologist.

Dr. Wirth will then make small incisions around and behind your ears in your hairline, and a very small one under the chin. Using these incision points, he will carefully lift the muscles of the neck and remove the extra fat. He will lift the skin into place to create a firm contour, then trim away the excess skin. Once this procedure is complete, Dr. Wirth will close the incisions and apply a pressure dressing around your head and underneath the chin.

In total, the procedure takes between 2-4 hours.

Wirth Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

After surgery

After your neck lift, your neck may feel tight, and you may notice some bruising, which fades in a couple of weeks. You will be able to return home after you recover from the anesthesia, but you must have a friend or family member to drive you.

In addition to your pressure dressing, which will help reduce swelling, you may have a small tube in your neck to drain fluid that collects under your skin. You will have sutures at your incision sites. Dr. Wirth will remove the drain about two days after your operation. In about a week, Dr. Wirth will see you again to remove your stitches and check in on your healing, and ensure you are doing well.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

  • Very little scarring
  • Reduce excess skin
  • Eliminate a double chin
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten underlying muscles
  • Diminish the appearance of neck bands
  • Contour the chin and jawline
  • Firm and tighten the skin
  • Regain a rejuvenated, youthful appearance

Neck Lift Before & Afters

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What is the cost of a neck lift?

Every patient is different and has unique needs. Dr. Wirth customizes each surgery based on these individual needs, which makes it difficult to give an exact cost before the consultation. However, the average cost of a full neck lift in Newport Beach ranges from about $5,000 to $8,000. If the patient needs a mini neck lift surgery, the cost may be around $4,000.

What’s the Recovery Process Like?

When you return home, you will need about a week to rest and recover. During that time, be sure to have a friend or family member to help you, and wear your bandage day and night to help reduce swelling. Use a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling and keep your head raised when lying down.

After two weeks, most people are able to return to sedentary work. Avoid strenuous activities for about four weeks or so. 

It can take several weeks to months for the swelling to fully subside. At that point, you will be able to see the full, outstanding results from your neck lift in Newport Beach.

Why choose Dr. Wirth? 

When under the care of Dr. Garrett Wirth you are in the hands of a plastic surgeon with experience and expertise, who always treats his patients as individuals. He will provide a comprehensive surgical plan to ensure the results you are looking for, staying involved, professional, caring, and attentive from the start of the consultation until the end of the entire process.

Dr. Wirth is known by his many satisfied patients to be a trustworthy surgeon and an authority in the field with a reputation for excellence. His goal is to set the clock back 10 or even 15 years, restoring and rejuvenating a patient’s appearance. 

Wirth Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Neck Lift FAQs:

What are the risks of a neck lift?

There are risks associated with any surgery, such as infection, bleeding, reaction to anesthesia and blood clots. Neck lift surgery complications also include: tightness in the neck, numbness or change of sensation in the incision sites, which is usually temporary, lumpiness or mottling in the neck skin.

Will insurance cover my neck lift?

Because a neck lift is considered a cosmetic procedure, health insurance companies do not typically cover it.

Are there other options to address my neck concerns?

There are a number of other options we provide that can help address this area: neck liposuction, botox, microneedling, dermal fillers.

What complementary surgical procedures can be done with a neck lift?

A neck lift can be combined with facial fillers, fat grafting, or a facelift to improve the overall appearance of the face and neck together.

How long do results last?

The results of a neck lift can last up to ten years.

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