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Breast augmentation can be performed using implants that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Implants are made from either silicone gel or saline, and they can be inserted through several different incision locations depending on the level of scarring you feel comfortable with. 

If using implants does not sound like the right option for you, there is an alternative procedure to augment the breasts using fat transfer. In this case, fat cells are taken from an area of the body where they are plentiful, such as the hips, thighs or belly, and then they are injected into the breasts in order to create subtle fullness. 

Deciding which approach is right for you is a personal decision, but one that can be made more easily once you have all the facts at your disposal.

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What is breast augmentation with fat grafting?

During this process, fat is harvested from key areas of the body where it is typically unwanted. These harvest zones include the belly, the hips, the thighs, and the upper back. Once the fat is extracted through liposuction, it is then purified and sterilized. In the final stage, the fat is strategically added to the chest, creating a natural enhancement in the bust. Results appear extremely organic and authentic.

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What are the disadvantages of fat transfer breast augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation comes with several drawbacks. The most obvious one is that it can be difficult to achieve a dramatic change in cup size using this method. Results tend to be quite subtle. 

Some doctors worry that calcification can occur in the breasts after fat injections, interfering with breast cancer screenings. Cost may also be prohibitive for certain patients, as fat transfer breast augmentation is more pricey than breast augmentation with implants.

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What is breast augmentation with implants?

During breast enhancement with implants, the surgeon creates incisions at the inframammary folds, within the armpits, or encircling the areolas. The choice of incision placement will depend on implant size and on scarring considerations. Once the incisions are made, the doctor will then insert your choice of implants into the chest capsules. Saline implants can be inserted unfilled, requiring smaller incisions, while silicone implants are pre-filled.

Each type of implant has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Implant rupturing is more straightforward with saline implants because they will appear deflated if they break. The saline solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body in this case. With silicone implants, the shape and the feel of the breasts are more authentic, but regular screenings must be undergone in order to check for rupture.

What are the benefits of using breast implants for augmentation?

Among the advantages of choosing augmentation with implants is that the patient is able to control the precise size and projection of their breasts. Those seeking more dramatic enlargement in the bust can choose C or D cup implants. Those dealing with breast asymmetry can benefit from using saline implants, which can be filled to different capacities on each side. Patients undergoing augmentation with implants do not need any additional procedures on other parts of their body as is the case with fat grafting, which requires liposuction of a donor region in order to harvest fat cells. Breast implants cost less than fat grafting, and the procedure can be easily reversed by removing the implants if they are no longer wanted or needed.

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What is the downside of breast implants?

Like fat transfer, breast augmentation with implants comes with several cons. Firstly, breast augmentation with implants is a procedure with about a 10-year lifespan, meaning implants must be changed after a certain amount of time. Surgery with implants comes with risks of complication, including rippling, capsular contracture, and implant migration. Scarring is also a natural element of breast augmentation surgery with implants that some women feel is a major deterrent. Lastly, while today's silicone and saline implants are exceedingly safe, nothing is quite as safe as using your own body fat to augment the chest.

So what are the top 5 factors that will influence your decision to choose either breast implants or natural augmentation with fat transfer?

1. Cup size – It’s important that you think carefully about your final result. Will you be happy with a modest, natural-looking enhancement in the chest? Or are you looking to really fill out your bikini and dramatically revitalize the shape of your body? Breast implants will provide the opportunity for larger cup sizes, while fat transfer breast augmentation will provide a more subtle transformation.

2. Safety – If safety is an important issue for you, you may want to consider that fat transfer breast augmentation uses only a material obtained from your own body, so there is no risk that your new breasts will cause a negative reaction down the line. Saline and silicone implants are safer today than they ever have been at any other point in time, but they will never be quite as safe as using autologous fat.

3. Cost – While fat transfer breast augmentation may lead to a more modest increase in cup size, the procedure itself is more complex and involved than enhancement with breast implants, so costs are typically higher. This can be weighed against the fact that your implants will have to be replaced at a certain point down the line, while fat transfer results are permanent.

4. Scarring – Women who are concerned about scars will do well to choose breast augmentation with autologous fat grafting, as there are no incisions to contend with. Breast augmentation with implants will require incisions, but scars can be well hidden beneath the breast creases, within the armpits, or in the darker pigments of the areolas.

5. Maintenance – Breast implants will need to be replaced at a certain point, typically 10-15 years after placement. Additionally, if you undergo enhancement with silicone implants, you will need to attend regular screenings to ensure the implants haven’t ruptured.

Dr. Wirth is excited to help you get started on your path towards a more feminine and youthful physique. Call us today to set up an appointment and find out more about whether breast augmentation with implants or a fat transfer breast enhancement procedure is right for your body.

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Dr. Wirth is a great doctor. He answered all my questions and concerns. He has a good bedside manner which made me feel safe under his care. He followed up with me after my procedure to make sure everything was going good and made sure I was happy with my results. His staff is amazing as well. They are very caring and they helped me throughout the whole process. I recommend Dr. Wirth to anyone looking to have any cosmetic procedures done. He will make you feel amazing when he's done with you.


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