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  • What Can You Expect with Breast Augmentation?

    Have you always struggled with your breast size? Have you wanted bigger, more voluptuous breasts? Newport Beach breast augmentation surgeon Doctor ...
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  • Will There Be Side Effects with Breast Surgery?

    If you are considering getting any sort of breast surgery , it is important to look at what the before-and-after effects will be. In this article, we ...
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  • 10 Year Reunion Ready

    It’s only been ten years since you were handed your diploma, and there’ve been a lot of changes in that time. You don’t have quite the body you had in ...
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  • Reunion Ready - ZO® Skin Health

    Your skin as an adult may be different than it was when you were in school. Maybe your acne has just appeared recently, or it has cleared–and you want ...
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Susan's Story

    For five years I had been having pain in my left breast and I knew something wasn’t right. I had continually gone to see my regular gynecologist for ...
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  • Treating Melasma

    What is Melasma? Melasma is a skin pigmentation problem. It occurs when gray or brown spots develop on the skin, typically on the face. Women are ...
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  • Rhinoplasty to Correct Breathing Issues

    If you are unhappy with your nose’s shape, angle, or size, you have likely considered getting a rhinoplasty. However, rhinoplasties are not only used ...
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  • Earlobe Correction Surgery

    Due to the fact that earlobes are made up solely of skin, some fibrous tissue and fat, they are more susceptible to stretching and tearing than other ...
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