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Reconstructive surgery in Newport Beach can be some of the most technically challenging yet personally gratifying work in plastic surgery. For this reason, Dr. Wirth has a special interest in performing reconstructive procedures for his patients. He seeks to use the most technologically advanced methods and materials available to ensure a natural, healthy result that makes the patient feel attractive and whole. Because we are an aesthetic concierge practice, we are able to provide patients with a full treatment plan that accounts for pre-operative and recovery needs to maximize comfort. You can also get a glimpse of former patient Testimonials where patients discuss how their overall experience unfolded.

Breast Reconstruction

With extensive experience in a wide range of surgical techniques available for breast reconstruction, Dr. Wirth will help you to find the specific procedure that is right for you. A few of the reconstructive procedures that may be utilized to provide the perfect new breast for your situation are the TRAM flap, DIEP flap, and latissimus dorsi flap procedures, each of which provides unique benefits for specific situations. In addition to these flap procedures, Dr. Wirth may incorporate tissue expansion or the use of breast implants to provide the proper balance and results for your breasts. The procedure or series of procedures will be specifically designed for you with the plan (agreed upon by you and Dr. Wirth) and end goals set prior to starting this process

Scar Revision

The scar revision process varies greatly depending on the location, extent, and appearance of the particular scar, as well as the complexity of the patient. Some scars may be treated with skin resurfacing treatments, such as microneedling or chemical peels, which eliminate the outer damaged areas that contain the scar, letting lower, healthier layers of skin emerge. For recessed scars, dermal fillers were fat grafting may be injected to fill in these depressions and create a smoother appearance. Some scars may require surgical revision, which Dr. Wirth accomplishes through fusiform excision surgery, partial or serial excision, or local flap surgery. During your consultation, you will work together with Dr. Wirth to determine the best course of action for the revision of your specific scar.

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair is frequently performed in cases where earrings have been accidentally torn from ears, often by children. It may also become necessary in cases where heavy earrings have stretched or weakened earlobe tissue to the point that it tears or is damaged in some other way. Dr. Wirth often repairs the earlobe by making incisions along the torn parts of the earlobe and connecting the raw edges together with sutures on the front and rear of the ear. For patients who wish to wear earrings following their surgery, a Z-plasty technique may be used to strengthen the earlobe and reinforce it for future earring use. This is an in-office procedure done as an outpatient under local anesthesia only!

Skin Cancer

The removal of skin cancer lesions is a very personal and individual procedure, in which each case is unique. Dr. Wirth removes smaller lesions with a straightforward incision, using fine sutures to close the incision for minimal scarring. The removal of larger lesions may require the use of a more technical surgical procedure, such as Mohs’ micrographic surgery, to ensure that all of the cancerous tissue has been removed. Dr. Wirth often does Mohs’ surgery defect closures with the Mohs’ surgeon doing the excision. The closure of these larger incisions may require the use of additional wound closure techniques, including grafts, skin flaps or side-by-side closures. This is where Dr. Wirth’s expertise is maximized during this team approach to your skin cancer excision and reconstruction.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is a natural way to create “additional skin and tissue (expansion of the local tissue)” for use in various reconstructive procedures. Most frequently used for breast reconstruction, but valued due to its ability to mobilize tissue with hair, the tissue expansion procedure makes use of an expander. This expander is inserted under the skin near the treatment area and slowly inflated to create “new” tissue over time. Once enough new tissue has been expanded, the tissue expander is removed and the new tissue draped over the treatment area. This procedure may be performed with various breast flap or implant procedures for the best outcome.

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