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Garrett Wirth, MD, MS, FACS is a Board Certified skin rejuvenation expert, and he specializes in the careful use of a specified needled syringe to apply JUVÉDERM® beneath the subsurface of the skin. The medication supplements the hyaluronic acid levels in the skin which depletes as one age, thereby boosting skin elasticity and hydration.

​When injected, the dermal filler is carefully and specifically injected to meet your goals in specific locations and depths to fill in wrinkles and fine lines.

Is JUVÉDERM® Meant for You?

The actions of the fillers are dependent on what purpose for which they were applied, and the type which was applied. The various types of JUVÉDERM® include Voluma, Volbella, Vollure, Ultra Plus XC and Ultra XC. W Med Spa Newport beach utilized JUVÉDERM® to

  • Improve facial contours
  • Recontour deformities
  • Make thin lips plumper
  • Eliminate or soften wrinkles
  • shadow areas
  • Eliminate or reduce lower lid shadows
  • Treat other skin conditions
  • marionette lines
  • nasolabial folds, etc.

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What's There to Wait For?

Take a simple step that systematically turns back the hands of time to give you that impeccable youthful look and feel.

Contact us at (949) 706-9988 to book a consultation with our experts at W Med Spa Newport Beach, to learn more about JUVÉDERM®, and your eligibility. A JUVÉDERM® treatment at W Med Spa, Newport Beach, is not an opportunity you want to miss!

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