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Helping Patients Understand Their Options Following a Mastectomy

One aspect that a woman getting breast reconstruction will have to consider is whether or not she wants to get nipple reconstruction as well. This is a very personal part of a person’s journey through dealing with breast cancer and other forms of trauma, and there is no right answer – only what is right for you! At Wirth Plastic Surgery, our Board Certified plastic surgeon has everything you need to understand your options and determine which course of action may be the right choice for your situation and desired results.

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What Options do I Have for Nipple Reconstruction?

Depending on the extent of your mastectomy, the characteristics of your breasts before the mastectomy, and the results you are looking to achieve, there are several different routes you may want to take for your reconstruction.

There are several possibilities available for those looking for nipple reconstruction procedures, including:

  • Nipple sharing: This option allows a patient who has had a mastectomy only on one breast to use a portion of the nipple from the unaffected breast. Nipple sharing works best for those with larger nipples and, while the graft generally retains little or no sensation, the final result is generally a very natural appearance.
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy: For someone with small to moderate breasts who was able to locate cancer early, a surgeon may be able to perform the mastectomy in such a way to preserve the nipple. This is most likely in patients with small tumors located far from the nipple.
  • Skin flap or skin graft: Small folds of skin and tissue from the remaining breast may be used to recreate the elevated appearance of an areola and nipple. If there is not enough tissue in the breast to do so, grafts may also be taken from the thigh, abdomen, groin or buttock to achieve the same effect.
  • Medical tattooing or micropigmentation: For those who do not wish to have further surgeries, or are not candidates for these procedures, medical tattooing can be an excellent compromise. This is a straightforward and minimally invasive procedure that gives patients the appearance of a nipple, helping them to feel more “normal” and make the reconstruction feel more complete.

If you are interested in learning more about these procedures and which may be right for you, call our team today at (949) 558-2133. Our Newport Beach plastic surgeon has years of experience helping patients just like you through the reconstructive process.

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