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Restore Your Natural Appearance After Trauma to the Ear

Your ears play an important role in your overall aesthetic, framing your face and balancing out your features. They are also an excellent place to decorate! More and more over the years, men and women are expressing their individuality with earrings of varying sizes, shapes, and placements. Sometimes, however, things can happen – trauma like sports accidents or pulled earrings can result in torn earlobes, and gauged or particularly heavy earrings can result in lasting damage. At Wirth Plastic Surgery, we know what to do! Our surgeon provides a simple, outpatient earlobe repair surgery in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County that can return your earlobes to their natural state.

There are many reasons to consider earlobe repair surgery, including:

  • You no longer want gauged earrings
  • A piercing was too close to the edge of the ear
  • An earring was ripped out, causing damage
  • Your earlobe was damaged or torn in a sporting accident, on your clothes or from children

To find out if you may be a good candidate for earlobe repair, schedule your consultation with our team at (949) 558-2133.

What is the Procedure?

For the majority of our patients, this is an extremely straightforward procedure. It takes longer than the original piercing, but not generally by much! This outpatient procedure generally takes no more than an hour and requires only local anesthetic. Our surgeon removes any damaged skin and tissue, ensures the remaining tissue will leave a natural-looking lobe, then stitches the remaining skin together. Though every surgery carries with it the risk of scarring, we take every precaution to choose incision sites carefully and set our patients up for long-term success.

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