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Sometimes living your fullest life means getting a few bumps and bruises along the way. There are some circumstances in which those little lines just add something to your story. However, when scars are particularly deep or prominent, it can sometimes cause others to treat you differently. People may get scars from injuries in car accidents, sports mishaps, or other types of trauma – but with help from Wirth Plastic Surgery, that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Our skilled surgeon provides scar revision procedures in Newport Beach that helps to smooth out scars of all shapes, sizes, and types. Though completely removing all traces of a scar is impossible, we can help to make them much less evident.

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What are Some Surgical & Nonsurgical Options for Scar Revision?

As you consider your options for smoothing out your scar, it is important to remember that not all scars are created equal! The age, size, depth, scope, location, and type of scar are all factors that determine what course of action will be most effective.

There are several different scar revision possibilities we will discuss with you, such as:

  • Surface treatments: These can include more intensive treatments often associated with a medspa, such as light or laser therapy, chemical peels, microneedling, and dermabrasion to even out skin pigmentation and soften the edges of a scar
  • Topical treatments: Generally most effective for use with very new wounds, these can include compression garments to keep tension off the healing wound and gels or creams intended to minimize scarring while healing is still actively underway
  • Injectables: These are a good option to fill concave scars, and function very similarly to dermal fillers and effect grafting which are used to contour the face; it is important to note that injectables are not permanent, and will need to be repeated to maintain results while fat grafting may provide lifelong benefits
  • Surgery: For deeper scars, surgery may be more effective – treatment plans will vary from patient to patient, but may include skin grafting, surgical excision (tissue removal), or tissue expansion

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Our Board Certified plastic surgeon knows that seeking out scar revision is an extremely personal decision. This is why we take the time to sit down with our patients and help them understand what they can reasonably expect from their procedure.

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