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Trusted Recommendations from Wirth Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach

After putting so much time and effort into looking and feeling your best, it is important to continue using products in your day-to-day life that will support those goals. Our Board Certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Garrett Wirth, has been in the industry for years and has several options which he recommends to help further your aesthetic goals.


This scar treatment cream is the only treatment of its kind to boast an FDA-cleared Silishield™, which is a patented use of medical grade silicone. With an SPF of 30, it also protects scars new and old from sun damage and is effective in reducing discoloration and overall prominence of scars.


This is a remarkable line of foundations and moisturizers which was designed to allow those recovering from a procedure to wear makeup as desired. Oxygenetix products contain their exclusive Ceravitae™ Complex, which helps to make it a uniquely “breathable” option. For patients, this means uninterrupted healing while getting the coverage they want. However, many find that they wish to continue using it for its long-lasting, flawless finish.


For a wide range of supplements geared toward the improvement of both body and spirit, turn to VitaMedica®. This company provides several options for post-operative self-care, many promoting accelerated healing options. They also offer numerous options geared toward your health and vitality, including formulae devoted to anti-aging, healthy skin, energy, and bone health.

To learn more about these products and more, call our Newport Beach plastic surgeon at (949) 558-2133!

What are Patients Saying?...

"DON'T HESITATE - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I thought I was doing the best I could with taking care of my skin washing and moisturizing morning and night and using sunscreen daily for many years now. Once Dr. Wirth and his staff evaluated my skin and set up a routine with products that nourish my skin rather than just lay on top of it - I look and feel amazing. I can not believe the difference and it's only been a few weeks. The entire staff is really helpful and knowledgeable - from start to finish it's been a great experience!" –J.M.

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