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Personalized Breast Care

A Publication by Dr. Wirth of Wirth Plastic Surgery

Personalized Breast Care BookDr. Garrett Wirth, alongside Drs. Karen T. Lane and Keyian Z. Paydar, wrote and released a book discussing breast health called “Personalized Breast Care” in early 2017. Included in the book are tips for breast care and breast health, suggestions to help prepare for the future following a breast cancer diagnosis, and answers to your cosmetic surgery questions. This straightforward and intensively researched guide to understanding and maintaining breast health can help women of all ages know what to do to maintain optimal health.

It was the authors’ goal to create a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide that helps those without medical training comprehend the issues that may be impacting their health. Understanding what is happening in your own body and having the vocabulary to express what you are experiencing to your doctor can make all the difference in identifying and treating health challenges of all kinds. Whether you are concerned about the possibility of breast cancer, have questions about reconstruction, or want a more thorough understanding of life after treatment, this book can help you.

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