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Dr. Wirth’s Philosophy

Dr. Garrett Wirth and his team believe that “True skin health is a process and a commitment, not a product or a miracle.” He centers his practice around this philosophy and works to educate his patients about this ideal. Dr. Wirth uses several techniques to help his clients achieve healthy, more beautiful skin, such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and the ZO Skin Health line. By choosing Dr. Wirth and his team to perform these procedures, you can be confident that your skin is in fantastic hands.


Dermabrasion is a skin care method that involves a gentle surgical scraping of the skin. Your resulting complexion will be smoother than it was initially. Dermabrasion is a wise choice if you have:

* Deep acne scars

* Scars from a traumatic accident or previous surgery

* Fine lines or wrinkles

* Hyperpigmentation

* Sun damage

* Various skin irregularities you are uncomfortable with

Dermabrasion is a relatively fast procedure and is generally completed within an hour. However, operative time is dependent upon the level of dermabrasion needed. To begin, Dr. Wirth will administer local anesthesia to minimize any mild discomfort you may feel during the procedure. He will then use a dermabrader (a specialized tool made of fine sandpaper, wire brushes or diamond fraises) to scrape away the unwanted or damaged skin.

To treat your skin after the procedure, Dr. Wirth will then apply a topical anesthetic and gauze to the affected area. Pain following dermabrasion is generally minimal, and most people are able to resume their normal activities about a week post-treatment. It is important to note that undergoing dermabrasion will have long-term sensitivity to the sun, so extra precautions to protect your skin must be taken.

Chemical Peels

If you struggle with any of the following, you may want to consider a chemical peel:

* Acne or acne scars

* Sun damaged skin

* Age spots

* Wrinkles or fine lines

* Irregular skin texture

There are various levels of chemical peels, therefore, the length of the procedure, strength of the peel and healing time will vary based upon your needs. Dr. Wirth may instruct you to apply a topical ointment to treat your skin after the procedure, or to follow other instructions that will help your skin heal. Recovery time ranges from no downtime required for a light chemical peel to up to two weeks or more for a deep peel.

ZO® Skin Health

Dr. Wirth utilizes the revolutionary ZO Skin Health line. Developed by Dr. Zein Obiagi, “This is a program that works from the outside in as well as the inside out,” states Dr. Wirth. There are several treatment options you may choose from:

* ZO Acne and Oil Control Treatment

o This treatment works to reduce oil and acne-causing inflammation by exfoliating and extracting impurities beneath the skin’s surface. It uses AHA’s and salicylic acid to tighten large pores and lessen acne scars.

* ZO Skin Brightening Treatment

o With a combination of a moisturizing cleanser, exfoliation and a brightening masque, your skin will be soothed and clarified. The masque’s green tea and arbutin work to minimize discoloration and pigmentation.

* ZO Ultra Hydration Treatment

o Balanced, hydrated skin is critical not just to temporary skin care, but to long-term skin health. This treatment contains a variety of nourishing ingredients such as mulberry and licorice extracts and lactic acid that will penetrate your skin’s surface, resulting in deep moisture. This is then followed by the ZO Aloe Hydra gel that will soothe your skin and treat it to hydration that it has likely never had before.

With the variety of treatment options listed above (and many more) to choose from, you can rest assured that whatever skin issue you may be facing can be helped with proper evaluation, correct diagnosis, and oftentimes, the assistance of the ZO Skin Health line. Dr. Wirth will develop the perfect treatment specifically for your unique skin.

There is so much more to discuss regarding Dr. Wirth’s principles and philosophy for skin health, which is why there will be more informative blogs to follow! We’d like to discuss the philosophy of skincare, as well as treating specific problems such as acne, melasma and rosacea, so stay tuned!

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Dr. Wirth believes that a team approach and commitment from all team members will help you achieve and maintain your best possible skin health, ideally for the rest of your life. If you are dreaming of healthier skin now and in the future, don’t hesitate! Call Dr. Wirth today.


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