Earlobe Correction Surgery

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Due to the fact that earlobes are made up solely of skin, some fibrous tissue and fat, they are more susceptible to stretching and tearing than other parts of the ear. This delicate part of the body is prone to injury if you are not careful. No one wants to feel self-conscious, especially about an area of the body that is almost always visible. Earlobes are really the only part of the ear that stretches or enlarges with age (more common in men than women), so people occasionally feel it gives away their age too much. Dr. Garrett Wirth can provide earlobe correction surgery if your earlobes are damaged and/or torn, or if you are generally unhappy with them.

There are several reasons why you may need or desire earlobe correction surgery. For example, if you do not like your earlobes or feel that they are too large (due to genetics, age, stretching (gauging) or another cause), you might consider earlobe correction surgery. Another issue that may cause you to contemplate undergoing this procedure is if your earlobes have been torn. Ear lobes are often torn as a result of wearing earrings that are too heavy and pull down on your lobe. If earrings get caught on something or pulled, a tear could occur. Occasionally, a tear may split the lobe entirely, from the piercing to the bottom of your earlobe. If you have had gauges in the past, progressive tearing can take place as your holes gradually get larger. Trauma to the lobes can also result in tearing. Lastly, though the tear may heal, it can leave an unsightly scar behind. Dr. Wirth has experience fixing tearing and scarring caused by all of these circumstances and more.

Earlobe correction surgery is an outpatient procedure that typically takes about an hour to complete. Dr. Wirth will follow the surgical plan that you made with him as he performs the surgery. You will receive local anesthesia when the procedure is about to begin. The method used to correct your earlobes will vary depending on the issues that have caused you to seek earlobe correction surgery. To remedy tearing, Dr. Wirth will cut away the skin around the tear and eliminate the excess tissue. He will then stitch the lobe back together using sutures. If you wish for your ears to be re-pierced, this will not be done at the time of the surgery, but can be done in the months to follow.

You will likely experience swelling, but this should subside within the first week. During this same period and after the swelling has gone down, your stitches will be removed. Dr. Wirth will instruct you to clean the incisions with a prescribed ointment to prevent infection. It is vital that you follow all the directions that Dr. Wirth gives you to properly care for your earlobes and ensure an optimal recovery.

Simple things can prevent earlobe tearing. To avoid torn earlobes, try not to wear extremely heavy earrings for long periods of time or at all. And if you are around young children or animals, you should remove any large earrings you may be wearing as they may attempt you pull on them.

If your earlobes are torn or you’re unhappy with their appearance, a relatively simple fix is available. So why wait? Call Dr. Wirth today to fix your earlobes and start feeling confident again.


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