10 Year Reunion Ready

Wirth Plastic Surgery

It’s only been ten years since you were handed your diploma, and there’ve been a lot of changes in that time. You don’t have quite the body you had in high school or college. For some of you, that is great news! For the majority of us, not so much great news for our appearance. There are some parts of your body that you want to be “fine-tuned” in order to look as good as, or possibly better than you did on your graduation day. That’s where Dr. Garrett Wirth comes in to help. He will assist you with your aesthetic goals and work to ensure that you feel confident for the big day!

Based on the treatments you have selected, you may need to get started on your reunion preparation up to a year before the event, while other procedures can be done just a few weeks prior to your reunion. You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Wirth in advance so that he can let you know if your goals are realistic and what the timeline will be to achieve them.

Skin Care Program

Dr. Wirth knows that there is no magic cure or solution that will allow you to attain perfect skin. However, with the right products, time and a commitment from both you and Dr. Wirth, you can achieve more youthful, healthy skin.

Dr. Wirth utilizes the outstanding ZO® Skin Health line to help his patients achieve their best skin. The line encompasses products that will address many skin concerns, from acne to aging. ZO products work by confronting the source of the problem beneath your skin with a multitude of remedies such as chemical peels, exfoliation, cleansers and more. Dr. Wirth will evaluate your needs and work beside you to decide on the best plan of action for you.

If your skin hasn’t changed drastically, but you’re beginning to notice the years wearing down the texture of your skin, or causing wrinkles, Dr. Wirth may recommend that you begin the Phase I: Daily Skincare program as an example. This treatment utilizes exfoliation, polish and sun protection to promote and protect healthy, youthful skin, using products full of. The products contain powerful ingredients such as retinol and antioxidants to maintain vital hydration that is essential to the formation of new cells. If you have more sun damage, other exposure issues, or even if you are within a year of the reunion, a more aggressive plan can be started for you

Beginning your skincare program as soon as possible ensures healthier skin now and in the future. Dr. Wirth recommends that you begin treatments a year in advance to achieve healthier skin. The result will be young-looking skin similar to, or better than what you had 10 years ago.

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are unhappy with how your buttocks have begun to sag, or if you want a more voluptuous shape, you may want to consider a Brazilian Butt Lift. The lift will use fat from two to three locations on your body (such as the abdomen, back or hips) to be transferred to your buttocks. Dr. Wirth will then select out the best fat, and transfer it to your buttocks. Recovery generally takes just three weeks, while swelling could remain for six weeks.


Fine lines can appear on your face at a relatively young age, but you don’t have to put up with them. Botox is a popular option that targets wrinkles and requires no surgery. Botox is dispensed through a series of injections that block nerve cell muscles, resulting in smoother skin and fewer lines. It is recommended that you receive Botox four to six weeks prior to your reunion, as it is not a permanent procedure.

Other treatments are available as we will outline in our Reunion Ready series. Dr. Wirth will work with you to understand your goals and discuss your options.

Get Reunion Ready

Dr. Wirth is happy to listen to your concerns and construct a plan with you that will help you feel your best. These options, and many others, can help you achieve the look you desire. If you want people to wonder if you have access to a time machine, call Dr. Wirth today!


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