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Your skin as an adult may be different than it was when you were in school. Maybe your acne has just appeared recently, or it has cleared–and you want to keep it that way. Perhaps you want to prevent signs of aging before they become visible. Or maybe you want to improve the hyperpigmentation that has already appeared and is leaving you looking older than you really are.

To remedy these problems and more, Dr. Garrett Wirth will utilize the revolutionary ZO Skin Health line. Developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health utilizes powerful ingredients and state-of-the-art skincare technology to help your skin heal and nourish itself from the inside out. Powerful and distinctive ingredients in each program allow for your unique needs to be targeted so you can feel confident for your reunion. Just as there are individual skin types and skin concerns, the various products must be set up for you as a unique treatment to maximize your outcome.

The Concern: Adult Acne

If you have struggled with your skin for a while, have adult acne that appeared after high school, or are acne prone, Dr. Wirth may recommend the ZO® Acne and Oil Control Treatments. These treatments combat large pores, inflammation and acne-causing excess oil. The process is broken down into several steps:

To begin the treatment, Dr. Wirth will assign you to a specific procedure to effectively cleanse your skin. This is followed by a gentle micro-scrub to further rid your skin of surface impurities.
Next, Dr. Wirth will use a combination of acids, such as alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acid (an oil-fighting combination) to help eliminate the oil associated with inflammation and to tighten your pores.

To add and maximize moisture, Dr. Wirth will often recommend that you massage an oil-free gel containing fatty and amino acids specific to your needs. Inflammation is then soothed and prevented with the ZO® Bio-Sulfur Masque, which utilizes cooling eucalyptus and kaolin.
To end the procedure, Dr. Wirth will often have you apply antioxidants to prevent sun damage and scarring. Your skin will be noticeably healthier and clearer than it was before–potentially even better than it was in your school days.

The Concern: Hyperpigmentation, Dullness and Aged Skin

The quest for more youthful-looking skin is practically over. In addition to Phase I: Daily Skincare program, the ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment can also help your skin look fresher and more uniform. It does this by utilizing a variety of acids-citric, lactic and salicylic- to brighten your skin and remove telltale years of sun damage and spotting.

Similar to the ZO Acne and Oil Control Treatment, the procedure begins with gentle cleansing, exfoliation and a massage.
The Ossential® Skin Brightening Masque is applied to lighten your skin with moisturizing ingredients such as arbutin and green tea. These ingredients illuminate your skin by signaling excess skin pigment to slow down, thus making your complexion clearer and more youthful.
The treatment is finished with the application of antioxidants to seal in protective elements and hasten skin cell formation. As cell growth is increased, your skin will appear healthier and younger. The result: a fresh, confident you with improved, clearer skin.

There are so many more wonderful products and treatment options available to you. These are just 2 examples. Whatever you skin concerns, Dr. Wirth will listen, assess, diagnose and work with you to achieve your best skin possible!

Contact Dr. Garrett Wirth and Get Reunion Ready!

You should begin preparation a year prior to your reunion to achieve your optimum skin health. By starting a skin health regime as soon as possible, you are protecting your skin now and preventing damage and signs of age in the future. Dr. Wirth is an experienced plastic surgeon who can help you attain healthy skin and leave your classmates wondering if any time as passed at all. Call today at (949) 238-6713 to schedule your appointment and take the steps necessary to be reunion ready with your best possible skin!


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