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Have you been watching the skin on your neck change and age? Are you concerned that it makes you look older than you are or older than you feel? In particular, are there some bands on your neck now that you didn’t have before? Dr. Garrett Wirth may be able to help you with these changes without surgery. Wirth Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA is proud to offer the Nefertiti Neck procedure that is often called “The Lunchtime Neck Lift”.

As we age, the skin on our necks change. Due to skin conditions, sun exposure, and muscle use, several changes can occur that are not pleasing to many of us. “Plastysmal bands” – or vertical lines/bands that will show up while talking or turning are often bothersome. The extra muscle activity is seen between the lower jaw line and extends to the base of the neck where it joins the top of the chest. In the past, doctors were only able address these lines with surgery: a formal neck lift procedure. Now there is another great option – the “Nefertiti Neck”, performed by Dr. Garrett Wirth at Wirth Plastic Surgery.

Let’s take one step back and address the health of the neck skin. First and foremost, educate yourself on how to improve the health of your skin. Your skin’s health always needs to be protected. Protect your skin with proper skin care and sun protection. If damage has been done, or the aging process is winning, then other treatments can be utilized either before or after the Nefertiti Neck procedure (preferably before). Please discuss proper skin health with Dr. Wirth and see his other blogs on skin health. Beyond skin products, chemical peels (see Dr. Wirth blog on chemical peels), microneedling, and laser treatments that may assist in improving the health of your skin. The Nefertiti Neck procedure is sure to make a nice difference.

The Nefertiti Neck procedure utilizes primarily Botox® or similar products to decrease the activity of the muscles that are running up and down the neck that have shown up over time. If you look in the mirror with your chin up just a bit so you can see the neck and then strain to show your bottom teeth, you will most likely be able to highlight these bands. These bands can be injected, as can some of the side to side creases on your neck. As the muscle activity is reduced or eliminated, those pesky bands should not be showing up for several months in your pictures and with talking.

Separately from the Nefertiti Neck procedure, the creases that go side to side (horizontally) in the neck can be injected with a filler material to further refine the neck. This can add to the effect of the Nefertiti neck and can take even more years off the clock.

It is important to understand that fillers will most likely show changes on the day of injection and more improvements on the days to follow. The Botox® injections (as with other areas where Botox® is injected) will take about a week to two to take full effect. Also, the total time of the effect varies with all people, as it wears off over time and will need repeat treatments after many months.

Wondering if you need a neck lift surgery? Do you feel your neck is giving away your age or making you look older? Do you hate those bands in your neck that show up especially in pictures? Has your neck developed lines? Consult our Newport Beach plastic surgeon today and discuss the Nefertiti Neck procedure.

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